Thursday, April 23, 2009

Group From Wabash, Indiana Visits Indiana Dream Team

The IDt Residential young men got a bit nervous when they saw a Sheriff’s vehicle pull into the driveway. IDt staff reassured them that they weren’t in any trouble. We had parents, a pastor, a sheriff, a youth worker, and a Judge visit with IDt recently. IDt resident, Trent, was at one point involved with these people in one way or another. They’ve witnessed what God has done in Trent’s life thru IDt and wanted to come check out what exactly it is that we do out here.

We all shared at least one thing in common --- We agreed, We cannot give up on the hurting and troubled youth in our communities.

All of these people are doing wonderful things in their community in Wabash, Indiana. They’re partnering together to get the job done. Keep them in your prayers as they continue to push forward in making a difference in their community.

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