Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Loving Memory of James Lee Rike Oct 18, 1999 - Mar 26, 2009

IDt staff member, Robbie Rike, lost his nine year old brother, James, on March 26, 2009.

James was involved in a golf cart accident.

We ask that you keep Robbie and his family in your prayers. Robbie continues to push forward.

James was a third grade student at Spencer Elementary School.

He enjoyed gymnastics, driving his golf cart, animals, and loved doing things with his family.

Memorial contributions for James may be made out to IDt. In the memo portion of your check, please write, JAMES.

Contributions will go towards helping the Rike family pay for the funeral services.

Any extra monies collected will go towards the new IDt Educational Center being built which will be dedicated to James Lee Rike.

Volunteer Spotlight

Food is a big need at IDt.

Special thanks to Jared Henning and Ty Lashbrook for the meals they provide to IDt residents, staff, and volunteers.

Jared and Ty provide a lunch a week to all of us here at IDt. They prepare it at home and then make a special delivery to the IDt property. We appreciate that they take the time to eat with us and hang out with us for awhile too.

Chicken enchiladas were on the menu for this day. And mmmm-mmmm were they good!

Thank you Jared and Ty for your hearts of servanthood!

IDT Mascot appears at Grace Church in Mooresville, IN

“I love this guy,” IDt staff member, Robbie, says of a stuffed teddy bear Pastor Eric won in a claw machine recently. We introduced our new mascot to the congregation of Grace Church in Mooresville recently where we did a presentation.

The bear, dressed in an orange DOC jumpsuit and with a ball and chain attached to his ankle, reminds Robbie of his old life. “He’s a good reminder of what I used to be and what I would be without Christ in my life.”

The boys ended the presentation with a heartfelt song, Amazing Grace. Special thanks to Bret Mishler for leading the boys in song that day.

Keep our friends at Grace Church in your prayers as they continue to make a positive impact in their community.

Group From Wabash, Indiana Visits Indiana Dream Team

The IDt Residential young men got a bit nervous when they saw a Sheriff’s vehicle pull into the driveway. IDt staff reassured them that they weren’t in any trouble. We had parents, a pastor, a sheriff, a youth worker, and a Judge visit with IDt recently. IDt resident, Trent, was at one point involved with these people in one way or another. They’ve witnessed what God has done in Trent’s life thru IDt and wanted to come check out what exactly it is that we do out here.

We all shared at least one thing in common --- We agreed, We cannot give up on the hurting and troubled youth in our communities.

All of these people are doing wonderful things in their community in Wabash, Indiana. They’re partnering together to get the job done. Keep them in your prayers as they continue to push forward in making a difference in their community.